Thursday, July 5, 2018

Pro Staff

Pro Staffer Information
Thank you for your interest in supporting and promoting EcoLureMaker! We really appreciate your support in promoting responsible fishing. In a very short time we have received a lot of request for fishing pro staffers and/or asking for free samples.  We need to set up some basis for when/how we select pro staffers.

We WANT YOU! But we need to know a little about you first to see if you're a good fit. Questions to answer include:

Have you tried the products? (That's probably the first step :) try it.

What type of lures have you made?
Do you have a pro-staff resume?
Do you do tournaments?
How can you help support us?

What is your YouTube Channel, Instagram,  Twitter? Other ways you can help get our message about Eco-Friendly Lure Making out.

What would you like from us? We can support you with discounted products, free products, free gear, and social media coverage. We also can help with affiliate programs that make your money when product is sold.

And of course, where do we (if we do) send product? Address, phone #, email. 

 Email us at  and we'll get back as fast as we can. Thank you!!!

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