ComposiMold Epoxy Clay Demonstration Epoxy Putty for Arts and Crafts

ComposiMold Epoxy Clay is a premium slow cure self-hardening art and craft modeling
compound that gives you several hours of working time to sculpt, form, and mold
your artistic creations. The ComposiMold epoxy clay is a soft, but firm polymer
clay used for creative applications such as sculpture, wood restoration, model
making, and casting. It has the feel of a typical non-hardening polymer clay,
but it has the advantage of hardening to a strong plastic.

To use, mix each part together in equal amounts. One
advantage of our epoxy clay is the range of mixing that will still give
excellent curing and finished hardness. You can be off by 10 to 15% and still
cure properly. The most important part is to make sure the two parts are mixed
thoroughly. Spend 2 to 4 minutes mixing and kneading the putty together.  You have 1 to 2 hours of working time to
create your shape. Cure occurs in 14 hours, but give it a full 24 hours to
completely harden.

You can sculpt it, press it, or mold it. The epoxy clay is
extremely well suited for use in ComposiMold’s ImPRESSive Putty, reusable
molding materials that can be reformed by reheating. We’ll show you how each of
these molds shown here were made in separate videos. So be sure to subscribe to

You can color the epoxy clay using acrylic paints.
ComposiMold carries a wide range of different colors that are designed
specifically for our epoxies. These colors are very concentrated so you only
need a little bit to create deep opaque colors.

The epoxy clay is a strong, hard plastic, but it is designed
for arts and crafts. It is not suitable for any load bearing applications. The
cured finished clay can be sanded, drilled, or machined. To paint, first paint
with a primer and then you can paint with oils, acrylics, or other paints. If
you want to have the epoxy clay outdoors, we recommend sealing it with shellac or
urethane spray.

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