ImPRESSive Putty

Buy it Once...Re-Use it Over and Over Again!

Heat, PRESS onto your object, let cool, and you've made a mold!


Simply heat Impressive putty until dough/clay like in the microwave double boiler or in an oven (set no higher than 190F). Once the Putty is cool enough to touch, create your mold by pressing an object into the putty! The Putty will become rubber like after only 15-30 minutes in the freezer. Create parts with Epoxy, Polyester, Resin, Clay, Cold Pour Porcelain, Soap, Candle, Crayon, Concrete and more.

  • Easiest Mold Making Material Yet
  • 1 Part System
  • Captures Fine Detail
The ImPRESSive Putty makes your fishing lure molds easy. You can do 1 part molds, 2 part molds, or more. It's a matter of heating in the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds, pressing in your part and chilling. You can make a mold in 15 minutes and be out fishing in with your new fishing lure in 25 minutes.

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